Civic Hacking

Ben Campbell

Technium CAST
Parc Menai, Bangor

3rd July 2007

A Problem For Government

The kids seem pretty big on this new-fangled electric 'Internet' thing...

e-Democracy is The Answer!

e-Democracy is not The Answer

Civic Hacking

A definition

Citizens developing their own applications which give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives.

Overcome the collective action dilemma ("I'll do it, but only if you help me!") - Techy Stuff

Pledgebank - localisation

  • Sends Emails to alert you of nearby planning applications
  • Just enter your postcode and email address
  • Currently covers just over 100 local authorities (But not Conwy, damn it!)
  • Also publishes RSS feeds with Geotags (example)
  • - Why?

    Have to write screen scrapers :-(

    mySociety - Civic Hacking Juggernaut

    Other mySociety sites:

    Other civic-hacking examples



    Release Early, Release Often

    Journa-list - Why?

    How do you find the good journalists?

    Journa-list - What?

    Journa-list - How?

    Get involved! - Wales

    Get involved! - General