DSlurper is an app for the Nintendo DS.
It lets you download files via wifi from a standard HTTP webserver, and store them on memory card.

The motivation was to ease NDS development - it saves the endless memory card switching I was originally doing after each compile. Now my freshly-compiled image is available from a local webserver as soon as it's ready.

OK, so I still have to kick off the download on the DS manually, but I don't have to do any card swapping any more. I already snapped the holder clip on my M3 Perfect SD, damn it.

Why not just use the built-in DS download play system?
Download play requires that the whole game must fit within main RAM (4MB). So it's no good for those of us who want to develop stuff bigger than that.

It could do with a little housekeeping - specifically, new versions of devKitARM, libFAT and the wifi lib are out now, which are probably much much better than the versions I've been compiling against.

My latest version is 0.1 (2006-06-08):

monsti (gbadev.org) has made some improvements to allow the server to serve up a list of files available for download.

You can get his version here:

He's also writen a PHP script to generate the list fileon the server:

Good stuff!